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Paul Niland: Irish businessman talks about improving business climate in Ukraine

Irish businessman talks about improving business climate in Ukraine

9 июля 2015 года, 15:18 // Ukraine, Paul Niland

Roman Sulzhyk: Ukraine needs to achieve $10 billion a year in foreign investment

After spending a few months in Ukraine, it’s saddens me to see the progress on reforms - or visible lack thereof.

26 июня 2015 года, 10:51 // Ukraine, Roman Sulzhyk, Ukraine 2020

Ukraine says value recovery instrument could help debt deal: finance minister

Ukraine's Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko voiced optimism on Friday that introducing an economic growth-related instrument to the debt negotiations with private creditors will help them reach a collaborative agreement.

24 июня 2015 года, 21:29 // Ukraine, Наталия Яресько, Natalia Yaresko

Help Ukraine to Arm Itself

When Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution this week urging President Barack Obama to arm Ukraine with "lethal defensive weapon systems," it was calling on the U.S. to send arms to the world's ninth biggest defense exporter, whose supplies last year helped Nigeria fight Boko Haram insurgents.

27 марта 2015 года, 14:37 // Ukraine

Bloomberg: Ukraine's Economy Is Worse Than It Looks

The world's worst-performing currency this year, the Ukrainian hryvnia, has bounced back 47 percent since last week's precipitous plunge. It's tempting to conclude Ukraine has pulled back from the brink of financial disaster.

6 марта 2015 года, 18:07 // Ukraine, U.S. dollar, Petro Poroshenko

Ukraine Politics: A Fresh Start with New Faces

Ukraine’s new government is starting its life under inauspicious conditions. Stiff macroeconomic, fiscal, monetary, and military headwinds are prevailing, while the Ukrainian public and international lenders continue to demand swift and sweeping reforms.

9 декабря 2014 года, 07:48 // Ukraine

Ukraine Politics: Hitting an Inflection Point

The Ukrainian crisis has reached an inflection point – with Ukrainian elections past and a reform-minded government about to be announced, a new Republican majority in the US House of Representatives, and the Minsk Memorandum in tatters, Putin’s Russia now faces a choice of whether to respect Ukraine’s clear choice for reform or to ramp up the battle for Ukraine further. Three things to look for in the coming weeks: i) can the Republican-controlled House start to lead the West in a more proactive response to Russian aggression? ii) How committed is Ukraine to reforms? iii) How will Russia react to its economic troubles, Ukraine’s continued turn to the West, and the Republican House?

12 ноября 2014 года, 17:34 // Ukraine

Андрей Герус: Ukraine's Military Draft Brings War Home for Thousands

The knock on the door for Andriy Gerus came on a Monday morning in July. Fresh from getting his MBA in London, Gerus, a managing director at Ukrainian investment company Concorde Capital, was preparing to take his baby for a stroll in the pleasant Holosiyevo district of Kiev.

11 августа 2014 года, 09:53 // Андрей Герус, MBA, Ukraine, London, Gerus

Игорь Мазепа: Appeal to the International Investment Community on the Situation in Ukraine

We, the representatives of Ukraine’s major investment banks and economic think tanks, have always refrained from engaging in political statements while serving the needs of our foreign clients. We have aimed to remain professional and provide unbiased coverage of events in Ukraine, and we are grateful to our clients and partners for many years of positive cooperation.

3 марта 2014 года, 12:29 // Игорь Мазепа, Appeal, Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin