Liquidity declines

2 июня 2016 года

Yesterday, banking sector liquidity fell UAH3.85bn to UAH94.15bn, similar to the beginning of last month when liquidity fell UAH3.90bn to UAH97.59bn. With a UAH0.50bn loan repayment by Oschadbank, and probably no outflows via the FX market, the NBU injected some local currency via an FX auction. Banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU fell UA4.83bn to UAH37.01bn while total CDs outstanding was up a mere UAH0.98bn to UAH57.14bn.

Investment implications: oday, liquidity should decline again due to yesterday's settlement of new government bonds after Tuesday's auction. The NBU probably covered only a part of these funds via FX auctions.

Источник: ICU

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