Liquidity slightly declines

2 декабря 2015 года

December started with UAH88.29bn of banking sector liquidity, down UAH0.84bn from the previous day. Banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU slid UAH0.32bn to UAH26.94bn and total CDs outstanding declined UAH0.51bn to UAH61.36bn yesterday.

Investment implications: Yesterday's liquidity data showed a slight decline in liquidity after falling significantly the day before. This decline to UAH88.29bn from the mid-November high of UAH93.18bn most likely is the result of the MoF's UAH4.33bn increase in treasury account funds to UAH47.96bn. It appears that the MoF did not increase its budget expenditures, despite having large balance in hand. One reason that the MoF is maintaining this level of funds in budget accounts is to decrease pressure on the hryvnia's exchange rate which weakened in recent weeks.

Источник: ICU

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