MinFin completes UAH 16 bln capital increase of Privatbank

27 декабря 2017 года
Конкорд Капитал

Ukraine’s Finance Ministry announced on Dec. 26 it completed a UAH 16 bln capital increase of the nation’s biggest financial institution Privatbank (PRBANK). This was the second stage of a UAH 38.5 bln capital injection initiated by the Cabinet on June 23. At the first stage, the bank’s equity was increased by UAH 22.5 bln, and there was a chance that the second stage wouldn’t be necessary had the bank been able to more efficiently work with its bad loan portfolio.

Recall, the bank was recognized insolvent on Dec. 18, 2016 and was nationalized afterwards. To bail in the bank, the government contributed UAH 116.8 bln into its equity and bailed-in creditors had to contribute another UAH 29.4 bln in December 2016.

Alexander Paraschiy: With the latest capital injection, the government's total contribution to Privatbank equity since December 2016 has amounted to UAH 155.3 bln. The bank's total equity boost since 2016 (including the “contribution” of the bailed-in creditors) is UAH 184.7 bln, or almost USD 7 bln. This amounts to over 7% of Ukraine’s GDP and about 2/3 of the bank’s total assets before the nationalization.

It might happen that this capital injection won't be the last. In case the bank and the government continue losing court battles against the bail-in of creditors, the government will have to contribute even more to the bank. And this likely won't be the last capital contribution to a state-controlled bank in the coming months. Most likely, the government will have to contribute additional equity to another asset, Oschadbank (OSCHAD), as was hinted earlier by MinFin and the central bank.

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