Bonds redemption has impact on portfolios

29 января 2016 года

On Wednesday, the MoF repaid US$321.9m in FX-denominated domestic bonds which were sold at the primary market three years ago. According the NBU's data on bondholders' portfolios, these bonds were held by banks. Also, only the banks' portfolio fell in yesterday's statistics.

Investment implications: This redemption was made on Wednesday and yesterday's data shows that total bonds outstanding declined UAH7.87bn while the banks' portfolio declined UAH7.96bn. At the same time, other portfolios saw a slight increase due to the hryvnia's weakening. As the result of this redemption, the NBU's share in bonds outstanding rose to 76.38% (with UAH389.96bn), the banks' share declined to 17.03% (with UAH86.96bn), the other residents' share rose to 2.18% (with UAH11.15bn of bonds), and the non-residents' share in rose to 4.40% (with UAH22.47bn).

Источник: ICU

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