Month-end liquidity declines

1 декабря 2015 года

The last day of November started with liquidity in the banking sector at UAH89.13bn, or UAH3.23bn lower than last Friday. Banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU slid last Friday, down UAH0.24bn to UAH27.26bn, while total CDs outstanding declined UAH2.99bn to UAH61.87bn. (MISSING WORD) rose UAH0.50bn to UAH27.50bn.

Investment implications: Last Friday, the NBU sold only UAH8.04bn while it repaid UAH11.03bn in CD redemptions and an additional UAH0.07bn in interest repayments. These outflows most likely were caused by month-end tax payments, which should also have an impact on today's NBU statistics. At the same time, FX-market volatility and the hryvnia's weakening, especially as the NBU sold a new portion of FX from reserves, should have an impact as well.

Источник: ICU

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