Cabinet rules to inject UAH 5.8 bln equity to Oschadbank

28 декабря 2017 года
Конкорд Капитал

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree on Dec. 27 to increase the share capital of State Savings Bank of Ukraine (Oschadbank, OSCHAD) by UAH 5.75 bln, according to the government’s website. The Finance Ministry will contribute to the bank’s equity 16-year local government bonds with a coupon rate of 9.2%, the government decided.

In other news, the news site provided on Dec. 27 the key parameters of a leaked draft of a strategy document for Ukraine's state banks, which foresees improvement of corporate governance of all the state banks, as well as an Oschadbank IPO by the end of 2021. The draft strategy assumes Oschadbank will keep the current size of corporate loans and will become a leader in mortgage loans in the future. The bank is also recommended to reduce the number of its outlets to about 2,000 from 3,300 currently.

Alexander Paraschiy: With the recently approved capital injection, the state will have invested a total UAH 14.6 bln (USD 0.53 bln) in Oschadbank’s equity in 2017. The state injection into the bank was USD 1.67 bln over the last five years and USD 3.51 bln over the last ten years. The latest amount is higher than the book value of the bank’s total assets ten years ago (USD 3.29 bln). All this indicates the inefficiency of the state’s management over the bank, as well as the government's strong commitment to support the bank in any situation. This again supports our view that Oschadbank bonds’ risk is the same as sovereign risk, as well as our bullish view on Oschadbank bonds.

Even without the approval of the strategy of state banks, it is clear that Oschadbank requires a change in its corporate governance practices, including the establishment of an independent supervisory board that will make the bank independent of the government. It should also make the bank do its best to radically improve its risk management practices. In other words, the bank should cease to serve as a purse for power brokers and their related businesses, whose capital gap can be always filled from the state budget. In the current situation, there is still a risk that the bank will demand new capital injections in the coming years.

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